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I do not know
what lies ahead for us.

I cannot say
if we will be together
for five minutes,
five years
or five lifetimes.

But, regardless of any of that
you will always be
my first big love.

The one people tell stories about
and spend forever trying to replicate.
The one everybody else
is compared to.

Or, if we’re lucky,
maybe just the one.



I try and try

to find the words

to put meaning to my love for you.


I thought I understood it.

I thought I could express it

with the beauty and eloquence of a masterpiece.


But I underestimated it.

I underestimated us.


You are my family.

You are my heart and my soul.

You give meaning to my life

and bring light to my world.


You permeate me.

I cannot differentiate my self from yours.

There are bits of you in me

that will always remain.


So I do not have the words

because there are no words

to express such depth.

I cannot write of you, embedded in me,

any better than I could write of

my lungs, my blood, my heart.