About Me

I am about to begin my senior year of college, and I have no idea what I want from life.  I am starting this blog to detail my quest to find my happy life before that fateful day in May when I set forth into the real world.  Right now, that quest is about yoga.  But who knows where this journey will take me?

My background is in engineering, but my true passion is for physical and emotional expression and creativity.  In addition to being a devoted yogi, I am a pianist and singer.  I love all forms of music.  I have recently rediscovered my love for writing and composition.  I also love to cook.

I live by the “fortunes” on yogi tea bags, and you can expect to find many of them here.  One of my favorites is “The beauty in you is your spirit”.



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  2. Audrey

    You inspire me Catherine! I write it here, but I’ve been reading some of your articles already. Here, but also on DoyouYoga. Thank you for this. Mmmwwaah!

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