“New Year’s” Resolutions

Well, I am officially back at school and my senior year of college is about to begin.  I can’t stop thinking about my desire to really make the most of this year.  I love my school and my friends so much… I want to make the most of every last moment I have here.  So, I have decided to make a few New (School) Year’s resolutions.  And I am sharing them here to keep me committed and accountable.

1. Practice yoga at least four times per week.  It happens every year, classes start, and my yoga practice becomes low priority.  I am not going to let that happen this year.  Yoga needs to be a priority, too.  It keeps me sane and happy and healthy.  If it means I need to stay up two hours later, then that’s what I have to do.

2. Eat healthy!  I have just stocked my food with so much fresh healthy food.  I want to focus on maintaining this healthy eating throughout this year.  Fueling our bodies is so important and I need to learn to focus more on food as energy and nutrition, rather than something that I eat to feel better.

3. Meditate.  For someone who really appreciates the calming, energizing effects of yoga, I am very bad at meditating.  I want to mediate.  I just don’t.  I want to take time this year to learn about meditation and commit to a consistant practice.

When I started this blog post, I thought I would have more than this, but I guess these three resolutions are all I have for now.  But, hey, that’s okay.  It will certainly be plenty to work on and maybe its better to have a few goals you can really focus on than many goals that will inevitably be forgotten.

Here’s hoping to a great year!


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