A Rut

I’ve been having a really hard time getting myself to yoga lately.  I am so sad to admit this, but unfortunately, it’s true.  Maybe it’s the added stress of finishing up my internship and getting ready to go back to school.  Maybe its the recent increase in social events I’ve been experiencing.  But whatever it is, I have to make sure it does not hold me back any longer.  Because things are only going to get more hectic when I return to Ithaca next week.

My yoga practice has given me so much this summer.  It has toned my body and relaxed my mind.  It has given me focus when so much of my life has been uncertain.  It has served as a stress reliever and therapy session.  And here I am, abandoning it.

The effects of this brief hiatus have been all too evident.  I have been more tired and less motivated.  I have been in less control of my mind and my emotions.  I haven’t taken the time to take care of myself.  I have let others take advantage of me.

These are bad things!  These are the things I am trying to escape as I search for what is meaningful to my life.  These are the things I created this blog to deal with.

This is not okay, and I write this blog post today to recommit to my practice and to help hold myself accountable.  Today, when I step on my mat, I will set a special intention: rejuvenation.  To remember why yoga is important me to and experience the amazing effects it has on my life.  To breath and flow and rejoice.




    • amoonfull

      Beautiful. I agree. Sometimes we need to experience the not-so-positive effects of a routine or behavior to truly acknowledge its blessing in our lives. We take things for granted at times, put them on the back burner… but once we realize how important and positive these things were, they’re so much more sweeter to gain back with full understanding that we become appreciative.

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