The Little Things

Summer mornings

I almost missed this as I left my house this morning.  Almost rushed right by it in my over-focused determination to “get this day over with”.  Somehow, when Thursdays come around, I lose consciousness.  I ignore the present in my all-consuming longing for the weekend.  And I miss beautiful moments like this.  My home.  The beautiful garden my mother has cultivated.  The early morning, rejuvenating sun.

Yoga teaches us to be in the present moment.  To let go of the past and present to be truly in touch with ourselves and our surroundings.  So often, however, we lose this the moment we step off our mats.  This morning, I am grateful that the universe sent me this moment, and reminded me to check in.  I am going to carry this with me today.  Allow it to shape my actions and my attitude.  Today is going to be a good day.



  1. YogaYana

    What a beautiful post! It is so true. As soon as we finish our practice it is back into automatic, rush mode. Have you read Deborah Adele’s Yamas and Niyamas? It is fantastic and talks about being pure with each moment and appreciating it exactly the way it is. If you haven’t read it I think you would really like it!

  2. firebrightyoga

    ” I found that my mental state had significantly changed. I am less worried, more calm and just happier in general. I feel stronger and more balanced. Yoga has had a seriously profound impact on my life and I cannot express enough gratitude for this gift.” What fun to read about your yogic journey and your obvious passion for yoga! Thanks for sharing and thanks for following my blog. All the Best to you-Namaste!

  3. audrey

    I love following you. You are a great reminder! All these little pleasures of life are so much precious! Thank you for this beautiful post!

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